Graphic Design, Typography, Book Design

Mu Sigma is a self-published book attempting to critically reflect on my previous studies in Statistics and Math. I designed and curated the book while studying Typography and Visual Design instructed by Tamara Maletic at Parsons.

About the title

Mu and Sigma are the two basic parameters in describing a probability distribution. I chose them as the title, thought they’d made the perfect metaphor for my book.

The process

In the beginning, I just wanted to make something out of the class notes hand-written poetically by one of my statistics professors. Later on, I recalled the many thoughtful quotes and funny ideas I encountered along the way learning these subjects, and hence decided to put them in my book. Currently, the book is composed of

1) my abstract illustrations based on my professor’s notes
2) a syllabus and several quotes laid out in a hide-and-seek manner
3) some statistics concepts explained philosophically and aesthetically
4) an interview about one of my professors
5) a collection of alumni’s answers to “why learn math”
6) my own writings, etc.